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The Quinton Group, founded by Tracy Quinton, Organizational Strategist, is focused on getting people to work together to achieve results. For more than three decades, she has worked with many leading organizations, particularly when they have faced organizational challenges due to merger, acquisition or restructuring.

With a vast knowledge of human dynamics and their application in business, her no-nonsense approach quickly helps people clear the way to achieve remarkable results by first identifying and breaking down the barriers that maintain ineffective behaviour. Her clients appreciate her ability to tell it like it is so they can get to the heart of the matter and move forward with greater clarity and results.

Her client base is impressive. Her approach is strategic and results oriented. Her focus is on achieving the organization’s objectives through in-depth consultation, strategic analysis of the way forward, and the implementation of exceptional actions, processes and programs that foster sustainable change.  She is committed to organizational success and sustainability and often ends up becoming a confidante and partner with her clients over the long term.

She combines intuition with the ability to quickly identify patterns of behaviour and builds strategies to effectively deliver messages. Conversational awareness and agility are part of her methodology. She is able to convey complex ideas that engage people in change. With the foundation of Conversational Intelligence, she brings you extensive neuroscience research and its application in business that will further guide and accelerate your organization’s transformation. This combination gives you the tools and insight to conduct conversations with the impact to take you, your people and your organization to the next level.  Conversational Intelligence will help your people to connect, trust and co-create to fundamentally change the culture, lives and communities.

As the Executive Co-Creator of the World Business and Executive Coach Summit Global Launch for Conversational Intelligence for Coaches, Tracy was the driving force behind the globalization effort and worked with over 2,500 Business and Executive Coaches in over 70 countries.

A consultant,  facilitator, keynote speaker and author, she has been nominated for the Women of Distinction Award and the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year.   Tracy believes that we are all capable of leading extraordinary lives, filled with possibility and promise; one conversation at a time.