The Quinton Group is focused on getting people to work together to achieve results.

Our experience has shown that when an organization is not meeting its objectives, it is often because the organization, or parts of it, is not performing well as a team.  Trust, transparency, commitment, clarity and collaboration are the areas we work on most often.

If one of these areas is off, it causes issues in the team dynamic, the culture aspiration, and overall productivity.

There are two kinds of ‘silos’ – the visible kind that is established in the organizational structure and the invisible kind, which we refer to as the social structure – the level at which people relate, connect, talk, share and discover.

These issues may be invisible, but the impact is not!


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We plan on launching iLearnOnQ in the near future.



The Quinton Group team prides itself in co-creating the right solution with the client.  The first and second phases of The Partnership for Results System™ clearly uncover the real issues which allow us to clearly create the right solutions.



  Break through! Regardless of how each of us defines success, we have all experienced the frustration of being thwarted repeatedly by barriers