The Partnership for Results System™ is the core of the Quinton Group. It is a unique process, whereby the Quinton Group and the client work together to determine a roadmap for meeting the organization’s objectives. It consists of six key components, each of which results in a solid deliverable product. The client will gain value at each stage, resulting in complete flexibility to develop with the Quinton Group, the solution that is right for them. The six key components are:

  1. The Organization Exploration Process
  2. The Employee Exploration Process
  3. The Integrated Strategy
  4. The Partnership for Results Solution
  5. The Integrated Strategy Analysis
  6. The Partnership Formula

partnership_resultsA key part of the The Partnership for Results System™ is the actual implementation of Quinton Group Tools. These tools can be a combination of existing programs or specific customized programs to address specific issues determined in the exploration phases. These programs include IMPACT™, Breakthrough Coaching Strategies™, The Navigate Programme™, Results Round Table™ and Custom Programs.