office_talk_smNavigate marks the emergence of a superior format for coaching. It is built upon the foundation of Tracy Quinton’s experience with clients in One-On-One Coach™ , IMPACT™ and Breakthrough Coaching Strategies™. It is based on her unique style and methodology, advancing participants to the next level in terms of developing enhanced clarity – clarity in where you currently are, where you would like to go and how you can get there.

Why Navigate?

Navigate is the evolution of a highly successful model for people in search of new levels of performance. Leaders in business, sports, the performing arts, and other demanding fields have realized that attaining their goals happens more readily when they enlist the aid of a dedicated coach, a specialist who can help them find their bearings and steer them toward outcomes and satisfaction.

Companies and individuals that invest in continual learning and development, reap the benefits of dynamic business leadership and significant improvements in performance. So much so that many industry leaders have identified coaching as having a direct impact on their company’s return on investment. This makes sense, since focused, motivated people bring out the best in groups they manage. They also ensure that a stronger level of collaboration takes place when they work with their peers.

Navigate surpasses other schools of coaching in terms of value and overall effectiveness providing detailed feedback, increased learning, unrivalled support and accountability, and networking opportunities found nowhere else.

Who’s Invited?

quote from navigate clientNavigate is intended for CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, and senior managers encumbered by overwhelming day to day demands. Focussing on personal and professional performance enhancement, Navigate delivers a unique blend of strategic action and practical insight to help these business leaders overcome their obstacles.

It is essential that participants learn from and network with peers who have had similar experiences, challenges, and responsibilities. Attendees will be admitted by invitation only to ensure that they are genuinely committed to the transformational results Navigate delivers.

How to Navigate

Navigate will take place once per quarter for a total of four full days per year with no more than 15 leaders from a variety of industries in attendance*. In an environment where efforts will be taken to preserve confidentiality, participants can share and exchange ideas, and contribute and receive direct, honest feedback. This group dynamic, under Tracy’s leadership, will ensure that each participant achieves results not normally seen in other coaching programs. Each of the meticulously planned sessions will be lead by Tracy – coach, confidante, and personal advisor. Under her guidance, participants will learn to be accountable for their actions and discover how doing so can bring them closer to their goals and objectives.

The very best of Tracy Quinton’s success-building coaching culminates in Navigate. In an atmosphere that’s supportive, focused, yet witty and fun, you will experience breakthrough insights, unearth opportunities for positive growth, and learn the tools that will help you chart your course to becoming the best you can be.

* The Navigate Programme™ can also be customized as an in-house programme for your top leaders.

Personal Navigate

The group dynamic of Navigate is integral to its success. However, we also understand and recognize the need for private and individual follow-up to ensure we are all on track. To meet this need, Navigate offers Course Check™ – a private interactive coaching conversation with Tracy, where you can raise additional issues of concern that you may encounter while working toward your goals.