round_tableThe Results Round Table™ is for executive groups who require a specialized approach to address specific organizational issues. The free form is a critical component to the Results Round Table success. It is with this free form, without the usual day to day constraints of boxes to fit into, boxes to check off, boxes to create within, and boxes to fulfill, that the participants can look at the situation from a different perspective and within this; create a new way forward. These sessions tend to be free form, focusing more on addressing issues as they develop rather than the implementation of a specific program.

The Results Round Table™ process is put in place when time is of the essence, when the situation is critical or when the interpersonal dynamic is limiting or damaging.  The Results Round Table™ provides an opportunity for a group of individuals to gather for deliberation in which each person has equal status and voice.

Rules of Engagement and Agreements are co-created as a way forward to address any issues that may surface down the road.