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Break through!

Regardless of how each of us defines success, we have all experienced the frustration of being thwarted repeatedly by barriers we have unwittingly erected within ourselves.


Pow! is here to change that.

Author and internationally respected consultant and founder of the Quinton Group, Tracy Quinton has helped thousands of people and corporations break through their barriers to achieve sustainable results.
In Pow!’s fifty-two concise and engaging chapters, Quinton has distilled the proven experience, tools, and wisdom of two decades of life-changing consultancy. Quinton will help you sharpen and add potency to your goals; identify and disarm the often unconscious beliefs and habits that hold you back; improve and enrich your relationships; and be the person you have longed to be in the life you have always wanted. Pow! is powerful.

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Pow! stands out from the many books I’ve read in its unique ability to get to the heart of the matter. The author emphasizes action by providing a variety of simple exercises to try. This challenges readers to take a good, hard look at themselves, and to make the necessary changes in their lives.” – Kimberley C, CEO

With quick, effective action-based tasks ready for implementation, Pow! is a game plan that will stay with you and one you can live your life by. This book reviews issues everyone can relate to –– home, business, and personal. The exercises are based on your situation, in your world. Pow! is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn how to deal with their barriers and how to push past them to reach success.”  – Teresa T, Marketing Director