impactIMPACT™ is a program focused on making employees better managers, group leaders, coaches and group participants. It is a self-awareness, enhancement program that is custom-designed to maximize the profitability of people. Through participatory workshops and one-on-one interaction, IMPACT will show participants how to explore the depths of their abilities, helping them to achieve a self-image that best complements the organization’s – as well as their own personal vision of who they are and where they want to be.


  • Develop skill sets that create consistent and effective decision-making and empowered cooperation, whether dealing with customers, suppliers, co-workers, or other parts of the organization.
  • Make long-term behavior changes to remove personal barriers that prior to the course had a negative impact on results.
  • Speak and act in new ways that dramatically increase effectiveness and the ability to manage any circumstance.
  • Focus yourself on results both personally and professionally…NO excuses.