Breakthrough Coaching Strategies™ is a powerful program designed to instill participants with the skills and confidence required to become effective and inspiring coaches. Breakthrough Coaching Strategies™ has three distinct modules. The format methodically unfolds over time so that the participants engage in the first module of Breakthrough Coaching Strategies™ I (BCS1) and then advance to the Coach Observe™ process, which is a practical application of the tools and strategies learned in BCS1. The information acquired through Coach Observe™ is then used to further enhance their experience in Breakthrough Coaching Strategies™ II (BCS2).


  • Realize the distinctions between coaching and managing.
  • Learn to make coaching powerful, effective and results-oriented.
  • Explore new ways of communicating responsibly and honestly, in a manner that encourages ownership, accountability and growth from yourself and the people you coach.
  • Develop the skills and knowledge to facilitate others, to recognize and act on options previously not perceived…or not perceived as possible.
  • Acquire the ability to ‘listen for’ what people are truly committed to and what hurdles might be getting in the way.
  • Realize exponential results as each participant changes, and as a result, they in turn influence others.